HARRISBURG – The PA House State Government Committee approved an amended version of House Bill 1800, the Voting Rights Protection Act. Committee Chairman, York County Rep. Seth Grove says the bill includes key bi-partisan amendments. The bill would improve poll worker retention efforts, modernize polling location language, and modernize the delivery of ballots and supplies to judges of elections. A voter ID requirement that all legally registered voters are issued new voter registration cards, that includes their picture and would have to be shown at polls, is carried over from the original bill. The bill would also regulate mail-in ballot drop boxes to ensure there is uniformity and oversight. It also requires regular election audits; enhances certification processes for all machines used in elections; improves lists of registered voters; and conducts an audit of every election before results are certified. An appropriation of $3.1 million to operate the Bureau of Election Audits is included in the new version, which is now before the full House for consideration.