PENN TOWNSHIP – Northern Lancaster County Regional Police released the identity of a man found dead in a vehicle on Sunday morning in Penn Township as 49-year-old Lyle Scott Doyle of Lititz. Police say an initial investigation proved difficult to verify a fixed address for the victim, due in part to the use of multiple name variations, and lack of ID by the female with Boyle. Boyle’s relatives were located in Arizona and have been notified of the death. Police say prior to the death, illicit drugs were ingested by the female companion who further claimed Doyle ingested illicit drugs at one or more house parties in Manheim. Doyle and the woman were picked up by a friend who frequently drives the couple from place to place. They drove to the 100 block of Penn Valley Village Road in Penn Township. The owner of the car went into the residence and fell asleep. He left Doyle and the female who were asleep inside the vehicle. The woman awoke and discovered Doyle unresponsive and called police. The circumstances surrounding the death are not considered suspicious or criminal in nature and are the likely result of pre-existing medical conditions and other impacting factors. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call police at 717-733-0965.