HARRISBURG – Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar announced that 2.66 million mail ballot applications have been approved by counties and just under 2.6 million, or 97 percent, of those ballots have been mailed out, or are about to be mailed out, to voters. Nearly 518,000 voted mail ballots, or about 20 percent, have been returned to counties so far. Attorney General Josh Shapiro joined Boockvar in putting out guidance for voters who say they received mail-in ballots that were not requested. Over a million Pennsylvanians who voted in the primary in June 2020 also opted-in to vote by mail in the general election this November. To check whether that includes you, please go to pavoterservices.pa.gov. Shapiro said that the most important thing for Pennsylvanians to do is make their plan to vote. If you receive a mail-in ballot and would prefer to vote in person, make sure you take your mail-in ballot to your polling location. Poll workers must void your mail-in ballot and you will then be allowed to vote at the polling location.