HARRISBURG (AP) –A decision will be made by PA voters with implications for the future of abortion and guns when they make a choice for an open state Supreme Court seat. The race between Republican Carolyn Carluccio and Democrat Dan McCaffery will not change the fact that Democrats hold a 4-2 majority with an open seat following the death last year of Chief Justice Max Baer. Carluccio is a Montgomery County judge and a former federal prosecutor and public defender. McCaffery is a former Philadelphia prosecutor and judge who sits on the Superior Court. Carluccio has received the endorsement by pro life organizations while McCaffery positioned himself as a defender of abortion. The court is currently examining a challenge to a state law that restricts the use of public funds to help women get abortions as well as Philadelphia’s challenge to a law barring it and other municipalities from restricting the sale and possession of guns.

         DAN McCAFFREY                         CAROLYN CARLUCCIO