HARRISBURG – Two Lancaster County lawmakers are speaking out on Gov. Shapiro’s continued delay in withdrawing PA from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Sen. Scott Martin said instead of withdrawing from the disastrous carbon tax scheme and pursuing a realistic energy policy, the governor has spent months dragging his feet. Martin said some of Shapiro’s own working group refused to say the policy was right for PA and their report does nothing to unite around energy policies that really work. He encouraged Shapiro to work with the General Assembly to achieve shared priorities including the strengthening of our grid, making energy more affordable, attracting much-needed economic investment, and focusing on policies that create and protect jobs, instead of subjecting Pennsylvanians to awful economic consequences. Rep. Bryan Cutler said PA is blessed with incredible energy resources that should be utilized to lower energy prices so it can be more affordable to live and work in PA while helping the U.S. be a leader in energy production. Cutler added the governor has the authority to immediately pull the state out of the initiative while we examine alternatives that focus on affordability and reliability. He hopes Shapiro will follow through on his skepticism of the initiative, end the harmful carbon tax on Pennsylvanians, and work with lawmakers to fulfill our shared goals of increasing energy affordability and grid reliability.