ALLENTOWN – PA U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey responded to the economic plan outlined by President-elect Joe Biden. Toomey said, “In less than one year, Congress has spent $3.4 trillion on direct COVID relief aid and nearly doubled the entire federal budget. Blasting out another $2 trillion in borrowed or printed money – when the ink on December’s $1 trillion aid bill is barely dry and much of the money is not yet spent – would be a colossal waste and economically harmful. In particular, sending another $1,400 to children, the deceased, and tens of millions of workers who haven’t missed a paycheck, like federal and state employees, is senseless and will likely slow down a recovery in employment. It was a bad idea two weeks ago and it’s a bad idea now.” Toomey added if the federal government mandates a universal $15 minimum wage, many low income Americans will lose their current jobs and find fewer job opportunities in the future.