LANCASTER – Saturday afternoon’s Spotlight continues our month-long pro life theme with another special program featuring Life Issues Institute President Brad Mattes on “Breaking The Silence On The Chemical Abortion Pill.” The program alerts women to the dangers and harm that chemical abortion often inflicts on them, both physically and emotionally. He talks to Elizabeth Gillette, who took the chemical abortion pill from a Planned Parenthood clinic and she shares what she experienced. The program also features an OB/GYN expert offering her professional assessment of the drug’s protocol and its impact on women. Other guests include two women who have experienced chemical abortion, speak of the redemption possible through God, and that women are strong enough to deal with an unexpected pregnancy. Saturday afternoon’s Spotlight airs at 12:30 on WDAC and 2:30 on WBYN 107.5. You can listen to the program online right now at under “podcasts.”