EAST PETERSBURG – Police in Lancaster County are investigating two reports of a suspicious male seen near the East Petersburg Community Pool. On Sunday, Nov. 7, several children in the area reported that an adult male appeared to be following them and made them feel “uncomfortable.” The children reported the incident to their parents who contacted police. Prior to police arrival, the male was seen leaving the area in a Jeep type vehicle. He was described as around 40-years-old, dark rimmed glasses, wrinkly face, grey eyebrows, black ski mask on his head, black coat, dark grey sweatpants with bulging pockets, and brown construction style gloves. On Wednesday, Nov. 10, an elementary school student reported seeing a suspicious male, fitting the same description, and in the same area during the time frame that students would be going to, or coming from school. According to the student, the adult male appeared to be following students who were going to the bus stop. Anyone with information is asked to contact Northern Lancaster County Regional Police at 717-733-0965.