WASHINGTON, DCThe U.S. Supreme Court will decide under what circumstances businesses must accommodate the needs of religious employees. The case involved a Christian mail carrier, Gerald Groff from Lancaster County. Groff was working for the U.S. Postal Service and had been off Sundays to worship with his family. Amazon contracted with the Postal Service for Sunday deliveries. Initially, the Postal Service granted an accommodation to Groff to be off on Sundays, but later required him to work Sundays or the Postal Service would make an example out of him. Working conditions for Groff deteriorated resulting in chronic insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, and more for Groff. He resigned in January 2019 knowing his termination was imminent and initiated litigation.

Groff said he was grateful to have had his case heard by the high court. He added, “Only God knows the final outcome of my case; I still trust Him even if my decision to honor the Lord’s Day costs me my career. I hope this case results in a decision that allows others to be able to maintain their convictions without living in fear of losing their jobs because of what they believe.”

Randall Wenger of Harrisburg based Independence Law Center who is representing Groff, said, “We should never ask Americans to sacrifice their faith to keep a job. Everyone benefits by treating religious employees respectfully.”

A decision by the court is expected by June.

Photo Credit: First Liberty Institute