HARRISBURG – An area state senator is launching a “forensic investigation” of the state’s 2020 election and 2021 primary. Sen. Doug Mastriano of Adams, Cumberland, & York Counties issued letters to several counties asking officials there to cooperate with a sweeping information request and to respond by July 31 with a plan to comply. Mastriano warned that he could issue subpoenas to holdouts with a vote of his Senate committee. Mastriano is the Chairman of the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee. He said the investigation is needed to restore trust as last year’s election was the first with “mass” mail-in voting. In 2020, there were 2.7 million ballots cast by mail and absentee compared to about 263,000 absentee ballots cast in 2016. Many ballots were counted at offsite locations with little outside observation or oversight. Mail ballots without signature verification were permitted to be counted across the Commonwealth. The effort is facing opposition from Democrats and any Senate-issued subpoenas will almost certainly be challenged in PA courts.