HARRISBURG – The Shapiro Administration is reminding Pennsylvanians to take summer heat seriously, with forecasts calling for heat and humidity that will make temperatures feel like the upper 90’s to low 100’s this week. PEMA warns that heat is the most prevalent weather-related cause of death in the United States. It’s especially dangerous for children and older adults, those working outdoors, and urban areas where heat can build up due to asphalt and concrete and nighttime cooling is minimal. It is never safe to leave people or pets inside cars even if windows are cracked open. Temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels. The PA Department of Health says stay hydrated, wear appropriate clothing, and look out for children, older adults, and pets during the heat. It is important to understand the spectrum of heat related illnesses, including heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Awareness allows you to prevent heat related illness and recognize early stages, intervene as early in the course as possible, and help in an emergency. The PA Department of Aging says older adults are at higher risk for heat-related illness or worse. They also may not have access to fans, air conditioners, or may have limited mobility to escape extreme heat. So it’s important that all of us check on our older family members, neighbors, and friends to make sure they stay cool and hydrated. Seniors can also check with their local municipality to find out if there are libraries, churches or other facilities that may be offering opportunities to keep cool. The PA Department of Agriculture says heat stress is a real threat for pets and livestock. Never leave your pets in the car and make sure all animals have access to shade and plenty of clean, cool water. A heat advisory is in effect for our region from noon through 8 p.m. Heat index values are expected between 100-105 degrees.