HARRISBURG –  Governor Tom Wolf, Rep. Sheryl Delozier, House Minority Whip Rep. Jordan Harris, and Sen. Camera Bartolotta joined criminal justice reform advocates and impacted individuals to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the implementation of the Clean Slate Act, which has now automatically sealed nearly 35 million cases involving low-level offenses – and opened up second chances, including jobs and housing, for countless Pennsylvanians with records. The law automatically seals certain cases from public view, for people who had their charges dropped, were found not guilty, or were convicted of certain nonviolent offenses – after remaining crime-free for 10 years. Previously, these public records stood in the way of individuals applying for jobs, securing housing, and improving their education. Pennsylvania was the first state or commonwealth in the country to automatically seal records for low-level offenses. Since then, states across the country have followed Pennsylvania’s lead and are working to pass their own versions of ‘Clean Slate.’