STATE COLLEGE – A Penn State College of Medicine research study found certain oral antiseptics and mouthwashes may have the ability to inactivate human coronaviruses. Dr. Craig Myers, Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, led a group who tested several oral and nasal rinses. The products evaluated include a 1% solution of baby shampoo, a neti pot, peroxide sore-mouth cleansers, and mouthwashes. Researchers found that several nasal and oral rinses had a strong ability to neutralize human coronavirus. A 1% baby shampoo solution, which is often used by head and neck doctors to rinse the sinuses, inactivated greater than 99.9% of human coronavirus after a two-minute contact time. Several mouthwash and gargle products also were effective at inactivating the virus greater than 99.9% after only 30 seconds of contact time.