HARRISBURG – Not everyone in law enforcement is happy with Gov. Tom Wolf after announcing his law enforcement initiatives in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The PA State Troopers Association represents 4,440 State Police officers and exists to help protect those who protect us, and to serve those who serve the Commonwealth. PSTA President David Kennedy issued a statement saying:

“What happened to George Floyd was horrific and wrong. There isn’t a single state trooper who disagrees. But what Gov. Wolf is saying today is the PA State Police, and all law enforcement in our Commonwealth, are no better than those charged with Mr. Floyd’s death. This was clear when he ignored his own order and marched in Harrisburg this week during a pandemic with people holding signs that read, ‘Blue Lives Murder.’” He added, “Troopers go to work every day knowing they may not return home to our loved ones. This is a sacrifice we accept because we have sworn an oath to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth and the United States, without any consideration of class, color, creed or condition. We live by this oath and are dedicated to protecting you, our fellow citizens, and the rule of law. And that will never change.”