HARRISBURG – Next week, the Democrat House majority plans to put up for a vote on House Bill 300, legislation described as a measure to protect certain Pennsylvanians from discrimination. House Republican Leader, Bryan Cutler says its supporters aren’t telling the whole story. Cutler believes no person should be subject to discrimination. That’s why numerous protections already exist at the state and federal levels for many people, including the LGBTQ+ community. The problem is this bill goes too far. It would lead to the Department of Education indoctrinating students about gender ideology. It would lead to shared locker rooms and bathrooms for our school children. And it would lead to the punishment of doctors who, for religious or professional reasons, refuse to perform sex change operations. Finally, the bill fails to recognize the equally important rights of people with legitimately held religious beliefs, many of which originate through their First Amendment-ensured free exercise of religion. Cutler added that this bill divides, rather than unites, our Commonwealth and its citizens.