WASHINGTON, DC – Area Congressman Lloyd Smucker has introduced legislation to block implementation of a Biden administration regulation which would directly lead to higher taxes on Americans. In the form of new Davis-Bacon Act regulation, the Biden Administration wants to require prevailing wages for federal or federally funded construction projects, which will cause a dramatic increase in costs. Smucker said American families continue to struggle with higher costs caused by the Biden Administration’s failed policies. If this regulation is allowed to be implemented, taxpayers can expect to be on the hook for artificially inflated federal construction costs. This misguided regulation is yet another giveaway to Democrat political allies at the expense of the American taxpayers. With deficits totaling nearly $2 trillion last fiscal year and with a mounting national debt, every effort must be taken to drive down costs, not unilaterally raise them. The free market should determine wages. This regulation is wrong for American taxpayers and must be stopped. The measure is supported by a number of business and taxpayer organizations.