HARRISBURG (AP) – Gov. Josh Shapiro will keep in place a ban on executive-branch employees receiving gifts of influence that is stricter than state law, but relax some provisions under his predecessor. Under Shapiro’s new executive order, about 80,000 executive-branch employees are banned from soliciting or accepting anything above minimal value from people seeking to influence them, such as lobbyists or government contractors. But Shapiro’s order allows employees to accept smaller items of hospitality, such as an infrequent meal, bottle of water or cup of coffee. That relaxes a stricter ban put in place in 2015 by former Gov. Tom Wolf. State law allows gifts of any value to public officials, including lawmakers, and requires disclosure only when the annual value reaches $250 for gifts or $650 for “free” travel, meals, and lodging. Shapiro said under his policy “no one will be able to buy improper influence with any member of my administration.”