HARRISBURG – Gov. Josh Shapiro is backing off his insistence on money for a new education funding program, giving PA’s Democrat-controlled House the opening to pass a new state spending plan after a days-long stalemate. The chamber Wednesday night approved House Bill 611 – a $45 billion spending plan. The holdup was primarily over education spending. That included Shapiro’s support for a new $100 million Lifeline Scholarship program to offer scholarships to students in the state’s lowest-performing schools so they can access better educational opportunities. That program was also supported by Republicans, but opposed by Democrats. Shapiro said he’d issue a line-item veto of the $100 million program should the House pass the Senate-approved spending plan. House Republican Leader, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler said House Democrats put political convenience over students. State Senate Republican leaders responded by saying. “It is a shame the governor does not have enough respect and standing within his own party to follow through with his promise. Strong leadership requires the ability to bring people together, but instead we are met with Governor Shapiro’s failure to deliver his commitment to empower parents and give children access to educational opportunities.”