HARRISBURG – Lancaster County Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martin issued a statement regarding protests and violence after an officer-involved shooting in Lancaster. The lawmakers thanked the police and the D.A. for quickly releasing body cam footage from the incident and providing the highest level of transparency in the subsequent investigation. They said, “While the body cam footage supports the use of force as being justified in this case, any loss of life is always a tragedy for the community. As we wait for the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office to release their findings from the investigation, we urge all community residents to have compassion for the family of the deceased as they grieve the loss of a loved one.” They added it was unfortunate that the incident sparked a rush to judgment that led to numerous acts of violence and is even more unfortunate that many of those arrested for perpetrating those acts came here from outside Lancaster County, as they do not represent the majority of community members wishing to protest peacefully. The Constitutional right to assemble and protest peacefully is a pillar of our society, and we offer our support to those who wish to make their voices heard. However, the acts of destruction completely undermine the message that peaceful protestors wish to deliver.