HARRISBURG – The PA Senate unanimously approved a bill creating a smoother transition to high school graduation for students experiencing homelessness or in foster care. Such students may face additional graduation challenges because they changed schools before earning full credit or are unable to take a required course at their new school. Their new school also may not honor the credits they earned. Research shows roughly half of students in foster or juvenile systems don’t graduate on time – if at all. Senate Bill 324 would remove roadblocks by designating a point person to review past transcripts and provide the essential support needed to aid student graduation. It would also provide students with other methods to demonstrate that their coursework has been satisfactorily completed so necessary credit can be awarded. If a student is ineligible to graduate from their new school, the new school may request a diploma be issued from the previous school, assuming the student met the previous school’s graduation requirements. The measure now goes to the state House for consideration.