HARRISBURG – Fire and EMS issues were the subject of a public hearing this week in Pike County by the PA Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. The hearing was focused on what has been accomplished since the 2018 Senate Resolution 6 Fire & EMS Commission Report and what can be accomplished in the remaining months of the current legislative session. Committee Chairman, Sen. Mike Regan of Cumberland & York Counties said that the on-going pandemic has been devastating to EMS providers. Sen. Lisa Baker, whose district includes Pike County, said that state and local budgets are afflicted with revenue shortfalls and that we can not afford to short change our first responders. The General Assembly has passed several measures of importance to the Fire and EMS community, such as the expansion of Online Fire Training, $50 million for COVID-19 Emergency Grants for Fire & EMS, and most recently the enactment of legislation creating a statewide Emergency Responder Mental Wellness and Stress Management Program.