BELLEFONTE – PA Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman is critical of a decision by Gov. Tom Wolf to move forward with a controversial bridge tolling plan, while Pennsylvanians are struggling with high gas prices. Corman said, “On the same day we release our plan to cut gas taxes by 50%, Gov. Wolf announces he’s moving forward with tolling bridges, Even though tolling wouldn’t take place until future years, it’s another example of this governor’s tone-deaf approach to governance. We don’t know when these record gas price surges will subside.” Corman’s proposal, which when coupled with a federal proposal supported by Gov. Wolf, would cut gas taxes by 50% and provide Pennsylvanians with some relief at the pump. To do this, Corman would introduce legislation to dedicate $500 million in federal pandemic relief dollars to free up money for the gas-tax holiday.