HARRISBURG – Legislation providing new protections to self-storage facilities owners and those who rent units has been signed into law. Bill sponsor, York County Rep. Keith Gillespie said a recent study showed about a third of Americans use storage facilities. At the same time, the number of facilities has increased over the past few years. Act 109 of 2022, formerly House Bill 1103, modernizes the original law that was created 40 years ago. Under the previous law, self-storage facility owners were only permitted to advertise in a newspaper that items in a unit would be disposed of when a renter defaulted on payments. With readership of newspapers declining, it is not the most effective means of advertising. The new law now allows owners to advertise on the Internet. The previous law also did not address procedures for late fees, but the new law adds the option for owners to impose fees when an occupant fails to pay five days after the due date.