HARRISBURG – Lehigh County Reps. Jeanne McNeill and Peter Schweyer have introduced a bill that would repeal PA’s current fireworks law. The bill would address growing complaints of inappropriate fireworks usage that have been rampant across the state. Bill supporters say there has been greater night-time use of powerful fireworks depriving many from sleep, negatively impacting veterans with PTSD, upsetting pets, and, in cities, posing a safety issue. House Bill 988 would repeal the most recent changes made to the fireworks law and reinstate the provisions as they existed before Act 43. It would not prohibit Pennsylvanians from using novelty fireworks or enjoying fireworks shows in their community to celebrate the Fourth of July, other holidays, and special events. The measure would also provide municipalities more power to enforce the law. The bill was referred to the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee for further consideration.