HARRISBURG – PA Attorney General Michelle Henry is warning about scams that ramp up during the holidays. Knowing about them will protect property, finances, identity, and other personal information. With email and text phishing scams, you may receive an email or text directing you to enter personal information on a fraudulent website. These fraudulent emails or texts can appear to be from a shipping or delivery company or retailer that may claim to be an order confirmation you didn’t place. Be vigilant of credit card skimmers that steal your credit and debit card information at the ATM, gas pump, or other payment kiosks. Instead of inserting your credit or debit card into a payment processing machine, consider using a payment app on a smartphone. For those without smartphones, keeping track of your bank statements and transactions is crucial to any lost money taken by skimmers. If no one is home when delivery of packages are made, make arrangements with a neighbor to hold your deliveries until you arrive home, or ask your employer if your deliveries can be dropped off at your place of employment. If you think you’ve been scammed, file a police report and file a complaint with the PA Attorney General by emailing scams@attorneygeneral.gov or call 1-800-441-2555.