HARRISBURG – Many Pennsylvanians can dry their laundry outdoors on a clothesline, but for some, it’s not an option as Homeowners Associations or HOA’s often ban outdoor clotheslines and drying racks, citing the unsightliness of the practice as damaging to the orderly appearance of their communities. Sen. Amanda Cappelletti of Montgomery & Delaware Counties is proposing legislation which would ensure residents who live in a condominium, cooperative, or planned community the right to dry laundry using a clothesline or drying rack outdoors. The legislation would allow HOAs to limit the use of these items to backyard areas to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the community. Clotheslines and drying racks could also be prohibited from hindering public access or creating a fire or safety hazard at the property. Currently, 20 states have passed legislation ensuring the right to dry clothes outside. The Democrat is circulating a co-sponsorship memo seek support for her measure.