HARRISBURG – Lawrence County Rep. Marla Brown has introduced a joint resolution that would provide a more efficient process to remove local elected officials who neglect their duties of office. The legislation amends the PA Constitution by adding a section authorizing the General Assembly to enact legislation that would prescribe additional methods for removing a municipal official for specific reasons such as absenteeism from meetings, dereliction of duty, inappropriate moral conduct, and abuse of power. Brown said the Constitution provides the method for removing a municipal official before their term expires, but the process is long and protracted. To get the governor upon concurrence of two-thirds of the Senate to remove a local elected official is unlikely. She added we need a simpler way to remove officials who have violated the public’s trust. If approved by voters, the constitutional amendment and the subsequent legislation would provide municipalities with the power to properly hold elected officials accountable and to remove them from their positions in a timely and orderly manner. Brown said PA ranks as one of the toughest states in the nation to oust municipal officials. Currently, a co-sponsorship memo is being circulated seeking bipartisan support for the legislation.