HARRISBURG – A resolution has been introduced that would recognize November 10, 2022 as “Marine Corps Day” in PA. The resolution sponsor, Sen. Devlin Robinson of Allegheny & Washington Counties served in the Marine Corps. He says Senate Resolution 355 will honor the 247th anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corps and give respect to those who put their lives on the line to keep our country safe. On October 13, 1775, the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution to procure two armed vessels in anticipation of conflict with the British Empire. The Continental Marines were established shortly afterward on November 10, 1775, to augment naval forces in the Revolutionary War, and conduct ship-to-ship fighting. Philadelphia is considered to be the birthplace of the Marines. Currently, there are nearly 200,000 Marines serving on active duty and roughly 40,000 in the reserves, many of whom live and serve in our Commonwealth. The resolution is before the PA Senate Rules & Executive Nominations Committee.