HARRISBURG – Honoring a unique organization that has worked for a century and a half to enrich the Commonwealth’s rural and agricultural communities, the state House adopted a resolution recognizing Sept. 18, 2023 as “State Grange Day” in PA. The sponsor, Centre County Rep. Scott Conklin, who is a sixth-degree Grange member, said he introduced the measure to highlight the PA State Grange’s rich legacy of service and advocacy on behalf of small communities. The Grange has evolved from a small farmer’s fraternity into a multi-faceted organization with thousands of members, all united by a spirit of fellowship and a desire to see their communities thrive. Conklin added that by designating Sept. 18 as “State Grange Day,” we can spread the word about how The Grange’s contributions over the past 150 years have shaped our history and how its influence is still very much alive today. PA currently has 170 local Granges with 5,700 members of all ages.