HARRISBURG – The PA Senate unanimously approved a resolution calling for an investigation into the effectiveness of workforce development programs. State government spends millions of dollars on the programs, but many unemployed workers still lack the skills needed to obtain good-paying jobs and employers struggle to find qualified applicants to fill open positions. PA operates several workforce development programs under the Departments of Labor and Industry, Education, Human Services, and Community and Economic Development. Supporters of the measure say it’s unclear if that has led to a lack of alignment, cohesion, and effectiveness. Senate Resolution 169 directs the Legislative Budget & Finance Committee to study state workforce development programs and make suggestions to improve delivery of services to better help workers and employers. The committee conducts studies and makes recommendations aimed at eliminating unnecessary state spending, promoting state government efficiency, and assuring state funds are spent in accordance with legislative intent and law. The resolution gives the committee up to one year to produce its report.