HARRISBURG – Mercer County Rep. Parke Wentling has introduced House Resolution 172 that urges Congress to eliminate emissions testing regulations. The Republican lawmaker says today’s engines are cleaner and more efficient than ever before. Along with cleaner motors, sales of hybrid and electric vehicles are on the rise. PA created its emissions testing regulations in 1995. The program is no longer necessary, and currently only applies to 25 of the Commonwealth’s 67 counties. He added that the two-speed idle test is hurting garage owners, mechanics, and drivers. The chassis dynamometer used for the two-speed idle test is obsolete, making it almost impossible to find spare parts or get them serviced. Many auto body shops stop offering the two-speed idle test once they can no longer service their dynamometer and drivers are left without reasonable options to complete the testing. Wentling said it’s time to call on Congress to let them know it’s time to cut this unnecessary piece of red tape for drivers.