HARRISBURG – In response to recent cases of sexual harassment at the state Capitol, five female House Republicans unveiled a five bill package to make significant reforms to protect taxpayers and victims. The first would amend House Ethical Conduct Rules to add “non-verbal acts” to the definition of sexual harassment; expand the rules to prohibit House members and officers from engaging in sexual harassment while performing House-related duties; allow a person to appeal their ethics complaint if it was dismissed after a preliminary investigation; and increase transparency related to the number of complaints filed before the Ethics Committee and their disposition. The second bill would amend PA’s Right-to-Know Law to redact the name of a victim of sexual harassment or assault before a settlement agreement is released to the public. The third would amend the PennWATCH Act to include information on each settlement paid to an individual or an employee of a Commonwealth agency, as a result of an action taken by an employee of a state agency. The fourth would set forth a framework allowing the state to seek reimbursement and accountability from those whose improper and unlawful action result in settlements or judgments paid by the state. The fifth bill would prohibit the enforcement of pre-employment non-disclosure agreements and non-disparagement agreements between employers and employees, independent contractors, and between goods and services providers and consumers.