HARRISBURG – The leader of the House Transportation Committee introduced a bill to ensure more of the tax revenue already collected to fund the construction and maintenance of Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure is used for its intended purpose.  The committee’s majority chairman Ed Neilson, D-Phila., said the plan outlined in HB 1162, with bipartisan sponsorship, reflects the proposal made by Gov. Josh Shapiro to gradually reduce the portion of the state’s Motor License Fund being diverted to fund the State Police.  In recent years a substantial part of that money has been going to the State Police, meaning fewer roads and bridges got the attention they need.  The decades-old Motor License Fund is a dedicated state account consisting of gas tax revenue and money from other transportation-related license and vehicle fees. In recent years, increasing amounts were diverted from the fund annually to pay for State Police operations. Neilson and the House Transportation Committee held an informational meeting about the topic on April 11 at which PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll spoke in support. Neilson expects HB 1162 to be considered by the committee later this month.

CV 5-15-23