ALLENTOWN – Today is National 811 Day and PPL Electric Utilities is marking the day by reminding customers to call 811 prior to the start of any type of digging project. Whether installing a deck, planting shrubs or taking on another project that involves digging, call 811 in advance to make sure it’s done safely. State law requires you to make a free 811 call if you’re planning to dig with power equipment to make sure you aren’t digging into power lines or other utilities. Law requires that an 811 call be placed at least three business days prior to a dig. As an alternative to calling 811, you may also submit a request at It helps ensure that a professional locator crew visits the digging area and marks with spray paint, flags or other markers, all areas where underground utilities exist, whether they be power, water, sewer or gas lines. The locating service is free for customers.