HARRISBURG (AP) – The refusal of Gov. Josh Shapiro to disclose who paid for his inaugural party has exposed a gap in state law that lets PA governors escape the kind of transparency sometimes required elsewhere. Presidential inaugural committees are required by federal law to disclose donors who give over $200 to inaugural celebrations. States like Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey have such laws, as does Philadelphia. Many other states have no such disclosure laws, and millions of dollars can be given secretly by donors who seek favorable treatment under state regulations. Critics say that raises serious concerns about conflicts of interest. Asked about the donors last week, Shapiro made no commitment to identify them saying “We’re going to follow all of the laws required with reporting and disclosure and that’s the approach we’re going to take.” Shapiro’s predecessor, Tom Wolf, capped donations to his inaugural festivities at $50,000 per donor and disclosed those who contributed at least $500.