LANCASTER – A PA State Police criminal investigator testified that the 2003 death of federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna is an open investigation reviewed yearly for DNA matches or other case leads. Trooper First Class Chad Roberts testified at a hearing regarding the public release of Luna’s autopsy records. A local media group is seeking their release. The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office is asking a judge to keep the records sealed so not to jeopardize the investigation. Lancaster County President Judge David Ashworth previously ordered that the records be sealed. The ongoing legal proceedings regard whether the seal will remain in place and for how long. Judge Ashworth said that the hearing was to determine if the investigation of Luna’s death is ongoing. He has already determined that any ongoing investigation into Luna’s death would be hindered by release of the records. At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge asked both sides to submit briefs elaborating their positions before making a ruling. Luna was found dead in Brecknock Township under mysterious circumstances. Some authorities leaned towards suicide while others say it was homicide.