HARRISBURG – Reaction to Gov. Tom Wolf’s lawsuit came from PA Family Institute President Michael Geer. He said the constitutional amendment – sometimes called the Life Amendment – which state lawmakers passed for the first of two required times in early July, preserves our existing laws regulating abortion and prevents courts from ordering taxpayer funding of abortion. The amendment would then be considered in the next legislative session and then go to a vote of the people. Geer added with his lawsuit, Gov. Wolf aims to short-circuit the democratic process, and deny the people – and their elected representatives – the opportunity to have a voice on this critical issue. At the same time, the PA Supreme Court has before it a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood and PA’s abortion industry demanding taxpayer funding of abortion, and asking the court to declare – or rather invent – a “right to abortion” in PA’s Constitution – something that has never been recognized by any court in our state’s history. This lawsuit, like Gov. Wolf’s, is also a direct attack on the democratic process, and the right of the people – not a handful of judges – to make the policies of our Commonwealth.