HARRISBURG – Reaction to the Commonwealth Court ruling came from PA House Speaker, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler. He said “this debate has never been about the effectiveness of masks in schools, or any other setting. It is about whether or not each branch of our state government and the officials who work in those branches will follow the law and respect our Constitution’s design that directs the legislative branch to make the laws that govern our people.” He added that local leaders should feel empowered to once again make decisions that best fit the needs of their own communities.

Lancaster County Sen. Scott Martin called the acting health secretary’s school mask mandate another example of government overreach. The Wolf Administration needs to stop issuing mandates like this one that aren’t constitutionally or statutorily authorized, especially without having an emergency declaration in effect. He added “it is critical that the Wolf Administration realizes it does not have the authority to act unilaterally to place restrictions on Pennsylvanians, and that they should be working collaboratively with the Legislature, school districts, and local governments.”