LANCASTER TOWNSHIP – Police had a challenge trying to capture a pig that was running loose through the Hamilton Park neighborhood in Lancaster Township. Over the last few days, Manheim Township Police received numerous calls about the pig, which they named “Hamilton.” On Thursday morning, officers responded to the 900 block of Elm Avenue when a resident reported a pig napping under his trampoline in the backyard. Three police officers and a civilian police aide tried to figure out how to catch, contain, and transport the pig. They contacted Lancaster Farm Sanctuary and began formulating a plan to contain Hamilton by bribing him with food. However, Hamilton took off and the officers gave chase. After nearly being struck by a vehicle on Atkins Avenue, Hamilton made a break for an open parking lot along West Street and into another fenced-in area – the courtyard of Pediatric Specialty Care on Rider Avenue. The Sanctuary positioned their van just outside the courtyard’s gate and after about 20 minutes of chasing Hamilton inside the courtyard, they were able to secure Hamilton into the back of the Sanctuary van. He was transported to their farm, where he will live out his days. Lancaster Farm Sanctuary intends to post updates on Hamilton on its social media pages. Manheim Township Police say they are much better at catching criminals than catching farm animals.