HARRISBURG – Two Lancaster County state lawmakers are questioning Gov. Shapiro’s decree of automatic voter registration at driver’s license centers. House Republican Leader, Rep. Bryan Cutler said the system should be created through legislation, not executive guidance. Cutler said the governor is following a “misguided precedent set by his predecessor” that recognizes our election laws need updating and modernized, but then disenfranchises the General Assembly from exercising its constitutional prerogative to make laws. Cutler also noted the irony of automatically registering people to vote when they obtain a state-issued ID, but then not requiring them to show that ID when they proceed to vote. Rep. Dave Zimmerman commented that the problem with Shapiro’s move is that sanctuary cities have been giving illegal aliens drivers licenses and state-issued IDs. The Constitution says you must be an American citizen to vote. Shapiro’s new order ignores that. He added that “making this move so close to an election certainly brings into question Shapiro and the Democrats true intentions.”