HARRISBURG – The PA Game Commission is asking for the public’s help finding turkey flocks to trap for ongoing turkey projects. The agency is encouraging Pennsylvanians to report the location of any turkey flocks they see between now and March 15. Information is being collected online at pgcdatacollection.pa.gov. Game Commission crews will visit sites to assess them for the potential to trap turkeys. Turkeys will not be moved; they’ll simply be leg banded and released on site. Trapping turkeys during winter is part of our ongoing population monitoring as well as a large-scale turkey study. Just like the last three winters, the Game Commission will put leg bands on male turkeys statewide. Hunters who harvest one of those turkeys, or people who find one dead, are asked to report the band number by either calling the toll-free number or emailing the Game Commission using the email address on the band. New on this year’s leg bands is a website for directly reporting the information into the database.