HARRISBURG – A bill to protect municipal recreation programs and the opportunities provided to children and their parents has been approved by the PA House Children and Youth Committee. House Bill 1155 would exclude municipal recreation programs from the definition of “child day care center” to ensure these seasonal programs may continue to be offered. Bill sponsor, Berks County Rep. Barry Jozwiak says an unreasonable interpretation of the law by the Department of Human Services is threatening recreation programs for preschool-aged children, many of which have been in existence for years. The department has been sending letters informing municipalities that they are running “child day care centers,” and telling them that they must go through the onerous and expensive process of becoming licensed or terminate their programs. Municipal recreation programs are already subject to strict oversight, personnel training requirements, parental consent, and background checks for employees and volunteers. The bill amends the Human Services Code to exempt public municipal pre-school recreation programs from the definition of “child day care center.”