HARRISBURG – Rep. Torren Ecker of Adams & Cumberland Counties plans to introduce legislation to regulate social media child influencers and celebrities under PA’s Child Labor Law. Ecker said every parent or relative with a cellphone can make their children or relatives into social media celebrities that, without their consent, can deprive children of privacy, income from their work, and fair working conditions within the scope of current law. According to a co-sponsorship memo, the proposal will protect children under the state’s Child Labor Law who earn money as influencers and content-makers or whose likeness, name, or photograph is substantially featured in a parent or guardian’s content that generates income for the parent. Some childhood social media influencers make over $50 million per year. Ecker added while he believes government should take a hands-off approach to regulating private business, protecting children from exploitation is of paramount importance and we must make sure that we are putting children in the best possible position to have healthy and successful lives.