HARRISBURG -Allegheny County Rep. Rob Mercuri plans to introduce bipartisan legislation that will strengthen Megan’s Law by closing a loophole that will prevent sexually violent predators from living close to sensitive areas, such as school districts. A report by a Pittsburgh TV station revealed that a registered sex offender, who is classified as sexually violent by the Commonwealth, moved next door to the Central Elementary School in Hampton Township. After hearing from concerned parents and residents, Mercuri said now is the time to act. Under Megan’s Law, the public is required to have access to where a sexually violent predator resides. According to Mercuri, other states require these individuals to live a certain distance from areas that contain a heavy presence of minors, such as schools and playgrounds. In PA, there are no restrictions where registered sex offenders can live once they complete their sentence and are released from probation or parole. Mercuri’s legislation will fall in line with other states in mandating these individuals live in areas that do not put children at risk.