HARRISBURG – A bill will soon be introduced by state Reps. Dan Miller of Allegheny County and Donna Bullock of Philadelphia County to improve access to jobs for former inmates and reduce recidivism. Their proposal would require every person to receive a re-entry certificate after leaving incarceration. The certificate would serve as proof to employers of the person’s achievements in skill development, rehabilitation, education and their readiness for safe reentry. Bullock said when a person pays their debt to society and simultaneously acquires or hones a skill to help them when they re-enter that society, we should provide them with every opportunity to do so. The legislation would also provide protections for employers in relation to negligence actions based solely on the hiring of a person with a criminal record. Applicants would still have to pass required clearances for employment. Miller said the certificate would provide employers with one less reason not to take a chance on someone committed to bettering their future. Both are seeking co-sponsors for the legislation.