HARRISBURG – Washington County Sen. Camera Bartolotta plans to reintroduce in the new legislative session a proposal that would direct the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs to create special logos to be used to promote veteran-owned businesses. Under her proposal, the DMVA would be charged with development of the application and necessary criteria to receive the designation, as well as verification of military status of the business owners seeking a logo. It also would include protections against using the logo fraudulently by ensuring that an individual falsely claiming to be a veteran for the purpose of obtaining the designation would be held accountable. Bartolotta added that Pennsylvanians are eternally grateful to our military heroes, and there is a strong willingness to support the businesses they create when they return to civilian life. The proposal mirrors a successful program utilized in the state of Wisconsin. A similar bill passed the state Senate last session, but did not get a vote in the state House.