HARRISBURG – Bucks County Rep. Brian Munroe and Montgomery County Rep. Greg Scott are proposing a bill which would require all newly constructed apartment buildings and condominiums to have no less than two elevators and at least one of the two elevators must be operational unless the circumstances that caused the elevators to stop were out of the owner’s control. Presently, multi-story residential buildings in PA may not be required to have more than one elevator and residents in such buildings also have no guarantee that the elevator must always be in operation. That creates a burden for older adults and individuals with disabilities who either have difficulty or could not use the stairs. Those unable to use the stairs are left with no option but to remain at home missing appointments and losing the ability to take out trash or go grocery shopping. Their proposal will ensure that tenants of apartment buildings and condominiums will not be burdened if an elevator is not functional for a long period of time. The two are circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking support for the measure.