HARRISBURG – Legislation which would improve how PA tracks and responds to drug overdoses is being proposed by Sen. Doug Mastriano of Adams & Franklin Counties. Act 158 of 2022 codified the Overdose Information Network or ODIN system into law and required all PA law enforcement to input reports of an overdose within 72 hours of the incident into the ODIN system. Doing so enables law enforcement to quickly record, analyze, and share information concerning fatal and non-fatal drug overdoses, naloxone administrations, and identifying markings found on drug packaging. Since the enactment of Act 158, overdose reporting has increased by almost 70%. Mastriano’s measure would add Emergency Medical Services providers as required reporters to the ODIN system. EMS providers handle over 80% of overdoses in PA and adding them to the ODIN system will drastically improve overall accuracy. The proposal was recommended by the PA State Police in a July 2023 report to the General Assembly. Mastriano is circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking support of his measure.