HARRISBURG – Sen. Marty Flynn of Luzerne & Lackawanna Counties is proposing legislation to change the requirement of PA vehicle inspections from an annual requirement to one only required when a vehicle is sold or the title is transferred. He says it would save vehicle owners annual inspection costs and the time and aggravation of having to schedule the inspections. He added it provides new consumer protections to ensure that used vehicles are roadworthy prior to purchase. Additionally, the bill will institute a new $15 fee on the cost of annual vehicle registrations to generate at least an additional $120 million into the Motor License Fund annually. The Motor License Fund, which is in need of additional funding, sees no benefit of requiring annual safety inspections. The only funds that are sent to PennDOT from the auto repair facility and vehicle owner is for the cost of the windshield sticker. It would not affect vehicle emissions testing, as this would still be required, on a per county basis, under current EPA guidelines. PA is one of only 14 states that still require annual vehicle safety inspections. Flynn is circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking support for the measure.