HARRISBURG – Several state Senate Democrats plan to introduce legislation to keep struggling Pennsylvanians housed. The proposal would require landlords seeking to evict tenants for nonpayment of rent to apply for relief from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. In addition, courts with jurisdiction over the eviction process would be required to grant a continuance of 60 days, until a decision for the tenant’s rental assistance application is reached. Similarly, mortgage servicers would be required to inform borrowers of financial programs to help prevent foreclosure and to halt foreclosure proceedings until they are compliant with federal loss mitigation guidelines. The Office of the Attorney General would oversee claims from servicers that demonstrate difficulties with compliance. The need for the legislation is immense. Recent results from the CDC’s Household Pulse Surveys indicate that an average of 25.1% of U.S. renters reported being unable pay rent or worrying that they might not be able to do so in the next two months. An average of 8.1% of U.S. homeowners reported that they face foreclosure, and another 4.6% indicated they are behind on their mortgage payments.